Our mission is to help you, to choose the right nupital match for you and your loved ones. In India marriage is considered as a sacred one. And it is not a union between two individuals. It is the union of two families, two different value systems, different believes and attitudes. It is a moment which influences the rest of the life. Many agencies and institutions are involved in solemnizing the marriages. It is being blessed by religion, approved by society and authorized by government.

Realising the importance of this social system, ForYouMatrimony provides guidance and assistance to people, to find out the best suited alliance for their wards or for themselves. Expertise gained through the years of sincere operations in this field helps us to serve you better.

To ensure the quality, ForYouMatrimony’s service is presently dedicated to all communities. For your convenience we have office.

We promise our best assistance to locate the right alliance for you with least expense of time and money. We look forward to your continued patronage.